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Tsukinowa Shuzoten Assortment Set [4bottles]

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  • Made with brewer's rice unique to Iwate Prefecture, such as Ginotome and Gingina
  • Clear and brisk flavor reveals a full-bodied umami
  • Took the gold medal for four consecutive years at the Annual Sake Japan Awards


Daiginjo "Tsukinowa" 720ml

Product Detail

Yamada-nishiki rice produces a flavor like no other, and Iwate brewery Tsukinowa Shuzoten achieves this to perfection with it a daiginjo that everyone can enjoy. Their refreshing smooth Sake is inviting to those new to Japanese Sake, while satisfying the sophisticated palates of long-time Sake enthusiasts.

Type Refreshing Smooth Type
Grade Daiginjo
Body Medium Body
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt, Distilled alcohol
Variety of Rice Yamadanishiki
Nuts and Bolts Enjoy this Tsukinowa daiginjo chilled at around 10ºC and serve with fish, vegetable or omelette dishes. We highly recommend dishes with simple seasoning as this Sake is medium-bodied and balanced, thus is meant to complement your food, not overpower or be overpowered.
Dry or Sweet Medium
Taste A rich, pleasantly full-bodied flavor
Aroma A quiet, subdued aroma
Suitable Temperature 10°C(Cold)
Rice Milling Level 40%
Alcohol Percentage 16%
Sake Meter Value 3.5
Acid Degree 1.3
Amino Acid Degree 0.9

Junmai Ginjo "Tsukinowa"  720ml

Product Detail

Tsukinowa Shuzoten brewery’s own junmai ginjo is a Sake from the refreshingly smooth profile. The use of Iwate prefecture’s ginginga rice is what gives this Sake it’s uniquely mellow aroma, while offering a flavor that’s perfectly balanced between sweet and dry.

Type 爽酒 -Refreshing Smooth Type-
Grade Junmai Ginjo
Body Medium Body
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt
Variety of Rice GINGINGA
Nuts and Bolts Dishes with simple seasoning Fish, vegetable dishes , tempura
Dry or Sweet Medium
Taste A refreshingly delicious Sake
Aroma A subdued aroma
Suitable Temperature 10~15°C(冰)
Rice Milling Level 50%
Alcohol Percentage 16%
Sake Meter Value 3.2
Acid Degree 1.5
Amino Acid Degree 1


Junmai-shu "Tsukinowa Shiro-koji Junmai White label " 720ml

Product Detail

This sake uses white koji mold, used in shochu production, to achieve a distinctive tart note while offering a blend of softness and sharpness.  The label features Pirokuma, Tsukinowa's signature character.

Type 爽酒-Refreshing Smooth Type-
Grade Junmai
Body Medium Body
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt
Variety of Rice GINOTOME
Nuts and Bolts Strong-tasting dish
Dry or Sweet Slightly Dry
Taste This sake has a distinctive tart note while offering a blend of softness and sharpness.
Aroma Refreshing bouquet
Suitable Temperature 10°C(Cold)
Rice Milling Level 65%
Alcohol Percentage 16%
Sake Meter Value 7.7
Acid Degree 2.1
Amino Acid Degree 1.2

Apple-Umeshu "Tsukinowa" 720ml

Product Detail

Shochu made from sake lees, which is prepared by refermenting the sake lees and then distilling them, is enhanced with plum wine made from plums grown in Shiwa-cho, Iwate Prefecture, and blended with apple juice (no sugars added) grown on land owned by the brewery and fertilized with sake lees.

Type Other
Grade Liqueur
Body Full body
Raw Material Plum liqueur, shochu, sugar, apple juice, vitamin C
Nuts and Bolts Enjoy as an aperitif or dessert.
Dry or Sweet Dry
Taste A well-balanced blend of tartness and sweetness
Aroma Sweet bouquet and a central note of sake lees shochu
Suitable Temperature 10°C(Cold)
Alcohol Percentage 8%

Sake Sommelier Comment

This lineup comes to us courtesy of Tsukinowa, a brewery in Iwate Prefecture.
This assortment contains a junmai made with shochu koji mold, an apple plum wine that blends plum and apple juice, and various other unique brews all in one place.



Brewery Detail



Our most popular type of Sake. This is an all-rounder, that can be drunk either hot or cold. We also recommend it as a table Sake.