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Tanaka Shuzoten Assortment Set [4bottles]

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  • Sake prepared by a brewery with over 350 years of tradition and history
  • Rich bouquet is complemented by a mild and mellow flavor
  • Assortment contains brands receiving accolades at IWC, Sake Competition and other international fairs

Daiginjo "Premium Kimibandai"  720ml

Product Detail

Tanaka Shuzoten brewery, located in Ibaraki prefecture in the Kanto region, takes their same signature handcrafting technique, and builds on the strength of their aromatic type daiginjo to provide a sublime, premium experience.

Type 薫酒 -Aromatic Type-
Grade Daiginjo
Body Medium
Prize 2016 IWC (International Wine Challenge 2016) Daiginjo Category 「Recommended sake」
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt, Distilled Alcohol
Variety of Rice Yamadanishiki -100%-
Nuts and Bolts Much like its predecessor, the Premium Kimibandai is also best at colder temperatures for the most flavorful experience and is meant to be savored, so save for the most special engagements. Pair with a variety of meat or fish dishes, as well as pasta and steamed vegetables.
Dry or Sweet Medium
Taste This sake has a light and smooth taste, with a vivid aroma.
Aroma A fruity aroma suggestive of apples.
Suitable Temperature 5~20°C(Cold - Room Temperature)
Rice Milling Level 40%
Alcohol Percentage 17%
Sake Meter Value 3
Acid Degree 1.2


Umeshu(Plum liqueur) "Kimibandai" 500ml

Product Detail


Ibaraki brewery Tanaka Shuzoten has taken the increasingly popular ume-shu to new heights by offering a rich liqueur that’s packed with more pickled plum extract than most other plum wine products, bringing you a wholly unique Japanese drink.

Type Liqueur
Grade Other
Body Full Body
Raw Material Sake, Plum, Rock suger
Nuts and Bolts The sweetness of this Kimibandai Ume-Shu avails itself to a number of drinking methods. The high alkalinity allows you to enjoy this liqueur hot for a rejuvenating effect when fatiqued. It's also great over shaved ice or vanilla ice cream for a sweet dessert.
Dry or Sweet Very Sweet
Taste This brew has a strong flavor. Tastes good over ice; can be poured over shaved ice for an especially delicious dish. Serve in hot water to heat your body up from the inside out. A medicinal Japanese alcohol. Have a tipple of this before bed and its alkaline properties will whisk away your fatigue and lead you into a deep slumber.
Aroma A rich and concentrated aroma with the sweet and acidity of plums.
Suitable Temperature 5~55°C(Cold - Hot)
Alcohol Percentage 11%
Acid Degree 7


Junmai Ginjo "Kimibandai -HAYARINEKO-"  720ml

Product Detail

Made with 100% Fukumaru, rice promoted by Ibaraki Prefecture. This classical Japanese sake is the result of the rice cultivated in the climate and lush nature of Ibaraki Prefecture. While it may lack the "refinement" seen in daiginjo sake, the complex, full-bodied flavor of rice is on full view here, yet it finishes with a clean and crisp finish, making it an exquisite brew. 

Type 醇酒 -Rich Type-
Grade Junmai Ginjo
Body Full body

- Silver Medal, Sake Competition 2018
- Silver Medal, IWC2017 JunmaiDaiginjo Category

Raw Material Rice, Rice malt
Variety of Rice FUKUMARU -100%-(Produced in Ibaraki Prefecture)
Nuts and Bolts This sake has the rich, full-bodied flavor you would expect of a junmai ginjo, and tastes delicious chilled, or at room temperature or lukewarm for a more complex taste. It pairs well with meat dishes, blueback fish, fried foods, and more.
This sake is a true testament to local production in Toride, Ibaraki.
Dry or Sweet Slightly Dry
Taste This sake has a crisp and refreshing mouthfeel. Offers a clean finish with body.
Aroma A simple scent typical of classic sake
Suitable Temperature 5~40°C(Cold - Warm)
Rice Milling Level 60%
Alcohol Percentage 15%
Sake Meter Value 1
Acid Degree 1.6


Junmai Daiginjo "Kimibandai"  720ml


Product Detail

Made in Hyogo prefecture exclusively with Yamada Nishiki rice, the elegant and rich flavor of Kimibandai is developed from Tanaka Shuzoten’s unique production methods. Served cold brings out its refreshing flavor, while room temperature provides a much deeper experience with its rich aroma and mild taste.

Type 爽酒 -Refreshing Smooth Type-
Grade Junmai Daiginjo
Body Medium
Prize - Silver Medal, IWC2018 JunmaiDaiginjo Category
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt
Variety of Rice Yamadanishiki -100%-
Nuts and Bolts Pairs well with lightly seasoned dishes like fish, oil-based pasta, grilled meat, steamed vegetables, and fermented food.
Dry or Sweet Slightly Sweet
Taste Slightly sweet, but not overly cloying. Versatile and well-rounded with a relaxing finish.
Aroma Fruity aroma
Suitable Temperature 5~20°C(Cold - Room temperature)
Rice Milling Level 40%
Alcohol Percentage 15%
Sake Meter Value -1
Acid Degree 1.2

Sake Sommelier Comment

This assortment contains refined sake, plum wine, and other drinks that have received accolades at IWC, and Sake Competition, and are beloved by female drinkers. This assortment would be great for individual use, or as a gift.



Brewery Detail



Founded in 1655. Since its founding, the brewery has steadfastly focused on the production of Japanese Sake. This brewery was bestowed the brand name Kimibandai by the Meiji Emperor in 1884. The name means, “may Japan prosper long.” So long as Japan continues to thrive, so, too, will we produce Sake.