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Sky Blue Summer Set [5bottles]

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  • Recommended for summer!
  • We've selected 5 delicious sake products to cool you off, perfect for the hot summer.
  • Limited original set available only at SAKEYOI

Junmai Ginjo"Bishonen KIKUCHI" 720ml

Pruduct Detail

Received excellent reviews from French sommeliers and five-star restaurant chefs at a sake exhibition held in France.
Has a characteristic fruity aroma and is the most popular sake among women.
The flavor profile is fruity and the sweetness and umami flavors of the rice are prominent. Easy to drink with a refreshing and smooth aftertaste. Even more refreshing when served chilled.

Type Aromatic Type
Grade Junmai Ginjo
Body Medium

2019 Kura Master Junmai Category「Gold Medal」

Raw Material Rice, Rice malt
Variety of Rice Kikuchi-sourced Hinohikari, Hananishiki
Nuts and Bolts The floral aroma and sweet flavor of this Kikuchi Junmai Ginjo pairs well with raw ingredients with a natural and softly sweet flavor. The sweetness of Kikuchi Junmai Ginjo pairs particularly outstandingly well with the sweetness of sauces.
Dry or Sweet Slightly Sweet
Taste The sweetness and umami flavors of the rice are prominent. Refreshing and smooth aftertaste. Refined balance of acidity and dryness. Recommended as part of a meal.
Aroma Fruity aroma
Suitable Temperature 5~20°C(Cold - Room Temperature)
Rice Milling Level 60%
Alcohol Percentage 15%
Sake Meter Value -1
Acid Degree 2
Amino Acid Degree 1.8

Junmai Daiginjo "Kinteki 38" 720ml

Product Detail

This sake is prepared with 100% Suisei brewer's rice from Sorachi, Hokkaido, milled to 38% to remove off flavors, and brewed using only rice and koji mold. This sake offers the distinctive body of junmai sake blended in perfect harmony with the refined ginjo aroma.
The label was drawn by singer Masashi Sada.

Type 薫酒 -Aromatic Type-
Grade Junmai Daiginjo
Body Light Body
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt
Variety of Rice Suisei 100%(Produced in Hokkaido Prefecture)
Nuts and Bolts Serve this Sake at your next sushi party, chilled between 5ºC and 10ºC, as the light body and slight sweetness is the perfect contrast to the natural saltiness of raw fish dishes.
Dry or Sweet Sweet
Taste Has a well-balanced dryness characteristic of junmai as compared to daiginjo.
Aroma Elements of banana in the initial bouquet and deeper aroma.
Suitable Temperature 5~10°C(Cold)
Rice Milling Level 38%
Alcohol Percentage 16%
Sake Meter Value -9
Acid Degree 1.3
Amino Acid Degree 1.5

Junmai Ginjo "Tenkteiraku(Yamadanishiki)" 720ml

Product Detail

This Ginjo sake is made using only Yamada Nishiki rice from Yoshikawa Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata. This sake delivers the unique, complex flavor of Yamada Nishiki while remaining smooth to drink.

Type Aromatic Type
Grade Junmmai Ginjo
Body Medium Body
Prize 2015 London Sake Challenge Gold Award
2018 London Sake Challenge Silver Award
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt, Distilled Alcohol
Variety of Rice Yamadanishiki -100%-
Nuts and Bolts Fruity fragrance reminiscent of apples and oranges
Dry or Sweet Slightly Sweet
Taste Light and smooth taste and a gorgeous fragrance
Aroma Fruity fragrance reminiscent of apples and orange
Suitable Temperature 15°C(Room Temperature)
Rice Milling Level 50%
Alcohol Percentage 16%
Sake Meter Value +2
Acid Degree 1.4
Amino Acid Degree

Junmai Daiginjo "Koi no Shizuku"  300ml

Product Detail

Offers a clean and refreshing mouthfeel. This junmai daiginjo sake is low in alcohol, but has the distinctive flavor of rice.

Type 爽酒 -Refreshing Smooth Type-
Grade Junmai Daiginjo
Body Medium Body
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt
Variety of Rice Rice(Produced in Miyazaki Prefecture)
Nuts and Bolts A well-balanced blend of acidity and sweetness, this brand pairs well with a wide range of cuisine.
Chill well before serving.
Dry or Sweet Medium
Taste Has a moderate acidity and umami flavor and a clean, crisp mouthfeel.
Aroma Gentle fruity scent
Suitable Temperature 5~15°C(Cold - Room temperature)
Rice Milling Level 50%
Alcohol Percentage 12%
Sake Meter Value 0.4
Acid Degree 1.2
Amino Acid Degree 1.2

Junmai Ginjo "Kimibandai -HAYARINEKO-"  720ml

Product Detail

Made with 100% Fukumaru, rice promoted by Ibaraki Prefecture. This classical Japanese sake is the result of the rice cultivated in the climate and lush nature of Ibaraki Prefecture. While it may lack the "refinement" seen in daiginjo sake, the complex, full-bodied flavor of rice is on full view here, yet it finishes with a clean and crisp finish, making it an exquisite brew. 

Type 醇酒 -Rich Type-
Grade Junmai Ginjo
Body Full body

- Silver Medal, Sake Competition 2018
- Silver Medal, IWC2017 JunmaiDaiginjo Category

Raw Material Rice, Rice malt
Variety of Rice FUKUMARU -100%-(Produced in Ibaraki Prefecture)
Nuts and Bolts This sake has the rich, full-bodied flavor you would expect of a junmai ginjo, and tastes delicious chilled, or at room temperature or lukewarm for a more complex taste. It pairs well with meat dishes, blueback fish, fried foods, and more.
This sake is a true testament to local production in Toride, Ibaraki.
Dry or Sweet Slightly Dry
Taste This sake has a crisp and refreshing mouthfeel. Offers a clean finish with body.
Aroma A simple scent typical of classic sake
Suitable Temperature 5~40°C(Cold - Warm)
Rice Milling Level 60%
Alcohol Percentage 15%
Sake Meter Value 1
Acid Degree 1.6

Sake Sommelier Comment


For this selection, we chose sakes that express the concept of the Japanese summer. They are perfect for the season. It's recommended to drink these sakes chilled. Most of the lineup is refreshing and easy to drink, with a rich fragrant taste.
Recommended for the upcoming hot season. Please enjoy!