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PREMIUM Sake Assortment Set [5bottles]

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  • An assortment of daiginjo grade sake made with rice milled to 50% or more
  • Premium grade, top-quality sake
  • Noted for the rich, aromatic scent of ginjo sake

SAKEYOI Premium Selection features five vintage Sake that are brewed methodically and greatly sought after by Sake lovers in Japan as they are in very limited supply.

Daiginjo "Kinteki 33" 720ml

Product Detail

Prepared entirely with Ginpu brewer's rice from Shintotsukawa-cho, Hokkaido Prefecture, and milled to a luxurious 33% using traditional techniques, this sake has been carefully crafted to eschew impurities. This sake exhibits the mellow umami flavor and dignified freshness typical of a ginjo sake. Experience the uniquely fragrant bouquet that is the signature of daiginjo sake. The label was drawn by singer Masashi Sada, Shintotsukawa Goodwill Ambassador.

Type 薫酒 -Aromatic Type-
Grade Daiginjo
Body Light Body
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt, Distilled alcohol
Variety of Rice Ginpu -Produced in Hokkaido Prefecture-
Nuts and Bolts Chill this sake prior to serving, and serve at 5-10ºC to bring out the fruity banana aroma to its fullest, and serve with raw fish dishes.
Dry or Sweet Slightly Sweet
Taste Mellow, with an aroma that blooms in the nose from the mouth.
Aroma Elements of banana in the initial bouquet and deeper aroma.
Suitable Temperature 5~10°C(Cold)
Rice Milling Level 33%
Alcohol Percentage 16%
Sake Meter Value 0
Acid Degree 1.3
Amino Acid Degree 1.5

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Daiginjo "Takasago" 720ml

Product Detail

This is the brewery's signature sake, featuring a mellow umami flavor and rich fruity bouquet.
Made with 100% Yamada Nishiki rice, considered the pinnacle of brewer's rice, this exquisite sake amply brings out the umami flavor of the rice.
The daiginjo rice is drawn out the traditional way, in hanging bags, something seldom done at larger breweries. The result is a luxurious aroma almost entirely free of impurities.

Type 薫酒 -Aromatic Type-
Grade Daiginji
Body Light Body
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt, Distilled Alcohol
Variety of Rice Yamadanishiki
Nuts and Bolts Chill to 10 degrees Celsius or lower and serve. Pairs well with sushi, tempura, sukiyaki, and other dishes.
Dry or Sweet Slightly Dry
Taste Very well-balanced, making it outstanding even on its own.
Aroma Rich notes of green apple and banana.
Suitable Temperature 10°C(Cold)
Rice Milling Level 40%
Alcohol Percentage 16%
Sake Meter Value 2
Acid Degree 1
Amino Acid Degree 1.5

Daiginjo "Premium Kimibandai" 720ml

Product Detail

Tanaka Shuzoten brewery, located in Ibaraki prefecture in the Kanto region, takes their same signature handcrafting technique, and builds on the strength of their aromatic type daiginjo to provide a sublime, premium experience.

Type 薫酒 -Aromatic Type-
Grade Daiginjo
Body Medium
Prize 2016 IWC (International Wine Challenge 2016) Daiginjo Category 「Recommended sake」
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt, Distilled Alcohol
Variety of Rice Yamadanishiki -100%-
Nuts and Bolts Much like its predecessor, the Premium Kimibandai is also best at colder temperatures for the most flavorful experience and is meant to be savored, so save for the most special engagements. Pair with a variety of meat or fish dishes, as well as pasta and steamed vegetables.
Dry or Sweet Medium
Taste This sake has a light and smooth taste, with a vivid aroma.
Aroma A fruity aroma suggestive of apples.
Suitable Temperature 5~20°C(Cold - Room Temperature)
Rice Milling Level 40%
Alcohol Percentage 17%
Sake Meter Value 3
Acid Degree 1.2

Junmai Daiginjo "夢の中まで-Yume no Nakamade-" 720ml

Pruduct Detail

Yamada Nishiki brewer's rice is finely milled to under 50% using traditional techniques and tools. The rice is washed by hand and paired only with malted rice to produce a sake with an aromatic bouquet and refreshing mouthfeel.

Type 爽酒 -Refreshing Smooth Type-
Grade Junmai Daiginjo
Body Medium Body
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt
Variety of Rice Yamadanishiki
Nuts and Bolts This daiginjo is noted for its rich, opulent scent.
Chill for a bracing aperitif or postmeal sake.
Dry or Sweet Medium
Taste A well-balanced blend of the inherent flavor of rice with a tart note, and a crisp mouthfeel.
Aroma Rich and fruity
Suitable Temperature 5~15°C(Cold - Room temperature)
Rice Milling Level 50%
Alcohol Percentage 15%
Sake Meter Value -0.5
Acid Degree 1.4
Amino Acid Degree 1.3

Junmai Daiginjo "Koshigoi" 720ml

Product Detail

This junmai daigingjo offers a light, brisk feel and refined bouquet. Yamada Nishiki brewer's rice is milled to 50% and then slowly fermented at low temperature to produce a mild, dry sake with a clean and refreshing flavor. It complements the taste of many ingredients and makes the perfect pairing for both Japanese and Western cuisine.

Type 爽酒
Grade 純米大吟醸酒
Body 輕盈(Light)
Prize 2017 Kura Master Junmai Daiginjo Category「Platinum」
2020 Tokyo Regional Sake Awards Junmai Ginjo Category「Outstanding」
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt
Variety of Rice Yamadanishiki 100%(Produced in Chiba Prefecture)
Nuts and Bolts This sake has a refreshing, dry taste.
Enhances the flavor of a meal and would make a perfect accompaniment.
Dry or Sweet Slightly Dry
Taste A light mouthfeel with an aromatic bouquet. A mild, brisk flavor with moderate body.
Aroma Offers a gentle and refined aroma.
Suitable Temperature 5~10°C(Cold)
Rice Milling Level 40%
Alcohol Percentage 15%-16%
Sake Meter Value 3.5
Acid Degree 1.2
Amino Acid Degree 1.4

Sake Sommelier Comment

The highest grade of sake, daiginjo, is a masterpiece created by polishing the rice grains used to brew the sake down to at least half their original volume. This pinnacle of Japanese sake is not easy to make. We wanted more people to be able to easily enjoy this premium grade sake, so we negotiated with breweries around Japan to create this assorted premium sake set.
It's perfect as a gift for someone special, or as a sample set for someone new to sake.