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HITOMAKU Sake Assortment Set [8bottles(with box)]

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  • Assorted set of 8 bottles (180ml)
  • CHALLENGE BLUE:When you take on a challenge; when you achieve something; when you want to feel refreshed; when you’re feeling positive, wanting to give things your best shot.
  • HAVEFUN RED:When you want to have fun, when you want to share happiness with others, when you want to gently lose yourself in feelings of satisfaction, when you want to feel full of life.
  • Overwhelming visuals that overturn the concept of sake labels
  • Flavors specially designed for canned sake by breweries that will impress not only newbies to sake but also core fans

"CHALLENGE BLUE" 180ml x 4bottles

Product Detail

This is a sake you’ll want to drink when you want to take on a challenge, or when you’ve worked hard and accomplished something.
We felt that acidity was important to create a taste that will make you feel assertive in a clear-cut way. It features a sweet and sour, citrusy flavor. More than just acidic, it also has a soft sweetness to it. We’ve given it a crisp, clean finish by using the sake-brewing rice Oita Mii.
We recommend either chilling "CHALLENGE BLUE" till it’s ice cold or drinking it hot. We’ve also kept the alcohol content low, as some people will be drinking directly from the can.

Sake Sommelier Comment

Features a fruity, citrus-like bouquet (yuzu, close to grapefruit).
First a citrus-like acidity, then a sweetness fills the mouth. This masterpiece nicely balances tartness with sweetness.
Sharp, with a low alcohol content of 13% and a very refreshing finish and aftertaste for easy drinking.
Thorough chilling is recommended for a fresher, more appealing acidity.
The accent of fresh acidity spurs the appetite. That solid acidity makes this is a sake for enjoyable mariage with strong-flavored foods.

Type Aromatic Type
Grade Junmai Ginjo
Body Light
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt,
Variety of Rice Oita Mii 100%
Nuts and bolt Designed to suit meat dishes. Perfect with meats that have a distinctive flavor, such as lamb. The acidity balances fats well, including those in sauces and condiments.
If drinking with sashimi, we recommend using ponzu vinegar or lemon salt rather than soy sauce.
Dry or Sweet Slightly Sweet
Taste Very light in taste, once it fills your mouth, you will notice the smooth sweetness and delicate acidity that merges with a faintly assertive bitterness rather comfortably, right until the trailing notes.
Aroma This sake has a gorgeous aroma, mainly that of richly aromatic fruits and white flowers like lychee and muscat.
Suitable Temperature 5-10°C(Cold - Room temperature)、40-50°C(Warm)
Rice Milling Level 60%
Alcohol Percentage 13%
Sake Meter Value -8.5
Acid Degree 3.0



Komatsu Brewery Co., Ltd. (Usa, Oita Prefecture)







Our brewery was founded in 1868 by Etsuzo Komatsu. The Nagasu area of Usa, where we are located, is an environment blessed with water that is ideal for sake brewing, rice harvested in the Usa Plain, and seasonal winds in the winter months. Because of this, Nagasu is a sake-making area, which, although rather small, once had as many as seven sake breweries. Although we stopped brewing in 1988, we have continued to operate as a brewery by outsourcing production. With the homecoming of 6th generation Junpei Komatsu in 2008, production started up once again. In 2018, we celebrated 150 years since our company’s inception and 10 years of our Hojun brand.
Oita Mii, the rice used in this CHALLENGE BLUE canned sake was developed in Oita during the first decades of the 20th century and came to be used all through the prefecture due to its outstanding taste. It stopped being cultivated in the 60s, however, as it was difficult to grow. Working with just a handful of seeds, our company has been trying to revive this precious rice. Made from 100% Oita Mii and using a koji-mold that is typically used for brewing shochu, CHALLENGE BLUE aims for a fresh, refreshing taste that is approachable even for young people who are not regular sake drinkers.



"HAVEFUN RED" 180ml x 4bottles




Pruduct Detail

This sake is perfect for when you want to have fun together with friends or family, or when you want to feel inspired to be assertive.
We gave attention to the balance of sweetness, plumpness, and fragrance to create a taste that will lift your spirits. The characteristic ginjo aroma is sweet, sophisticatedly refreshing, and has a sense of volume that’s taken full advantage of the Omachi rice. Harmonized with a gentle acidity, "HAVEFUN RED" has been finished to have a well-balanced taste.
To bring out the features of this sake, instead of chilling it until it is ice cold, we recommend drinking it at a slightly warmer temperature.
We’ve also kept the alcohol content low, as some people will be drinking directly from the can.

Sake Sommelier Comment

This sake hints at a sweet, cream-like scent.
In the mouth, it yields a fruity, soft sweetness reminiscent of melon or banana. Its pleasant afterglow leaves a touch of refreshing sweetness.
This sake is good cold, but room temperature or slight warming is recommended for a better sense of the spreading sweetness.
Sweet and easy to drink with no strong tastes, it is perfect for mariage with vegetable dishes and fish dishes.

Type Refreshing Smooth Type
Grade Junmai Ginjo
Body Medium Body
Raw Material Rice, Rice malt
Variety of Rice Akaiwa Omachi rice 100%
Nuts and Bolts Designed to suit vegetable dishes and goes particularly well with root vegetables. This sake’s sweetness stands out when it is combined with a touch of bitterness.
If drunk with sashimi, we recommended using a robustly flavored soy sauce.
Dry or Sweet Slightly Sweet
Taste We gave attention to the balance of sweetness, plumpness, and fragrance to create a taste that will lift your spirits.
Aroma The characteristic ginjo aroma is sweet, sophisticatedly refreshing, and has a sense of volume that’s taken full advantage of the Omachi rice.
Suitable Temperature 10°C〜20°C(Cold - Room Temperature)
Rice Milling Level 60%
Alcohol Percentage 12%
Sake Meter Value -1
Acid Degree 1.2


Yuki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Yuki, Ibaraki Prefecture)





Founded during the Edo period in Yuki, Ibaraki Prefecture, a city known for yuki-tsumugi silk cloth, our brewery has a history of over 400 years. The water is clear and is a soft, underground-flowing water that comes from the Kinugawa River water system. For our rice, we make a carefully selection of good varieties from each region that will suit the type of sake we are brewing. One of the things we are particular about is making sake according to kanjikomi, a preparation technique that takes advantage of the local climate, which tends to be dry with chilly mornings. One of our brands, Musubi Yui, which is made by our chief brewer, Michiko Urasato, who married into the family, became well known in the Tokyo metropolitan area three years after its release.
We put heart and soul into sake brewing so that people can have enjoyable HITOMAKU moments, drinking and feeling happy.


Sake Sommelier Comment


The two products differ in aroma and taste, but both go well with meals. The 180ml size fits comfortably in the hand, just the right size for sake newcomers.
A key feature is the innovative design, with live paint dynamically applied across the can. Delivered in a cosmetic box that also features a live paint design, it is perfect as a gift.
This is a product to enjoy in various ways, whether enjoying it with meals, taking it along with you, or giving it as a gift. Discover your own way of enjoying it.