Connecting smaller Japanese brewers with sake lovers from all around the world to share real sake and a little happiness.


Sharing Sake with the World



The intricate beauty of sake

There are various types of sake, and each bottle has its own unique features and alluring characteristics.
While sake does an amazing job of complementing and enhancing the flavor of paired dishes, it can sometimes even outshine the dish to become the star of the show on its own.
Sake is so versatile, that there is a perfect match for every season. You can enjoy sake that reflects the essence and feeling of summer. Especially during the cold winter months, the mild taste of sake can warm you up inside.
Of course sake is delicious when drinking from a small ochoco, but it is such an interesting and intricate drink, that when consuming sake from a glass, the heat transmitted from your hand can change the smell and even the taste of sake. Additionally, even the rim of the glass can alter the palate.



Preserving heritage breweries

SAKEYOIseeks to not only preserve but enrich sake culture by supporting the declining number of small breweries who are an indispensable part of what makes Japanese Sake a national treasure.
Due to the characteristics of rice, which is the core ingredient of sake, sake is brewed by a special and complicated technique called "parallel multiple fermentation." This is a technique that takes much time and effort, and gives sake its delicate and multi-faceted nature.
Unfortunately, as the domestic demand for sake decrease, smaller breweries are dwindling in number as larger breweriers are more easily able to expand their sales reach.It is the goal of SAKEYOI to be the bridge that helps smaller breweries connect with the expanding customer base.


Love is an understatement when it comes to how I feel about sake.

I've tried many types of alcohol, but was drawn to sake because it fits my personal taste. This discovery led me to develop SAKEYOI, in hopes to share the rich history and beauty of sake all around the world. In my travels to many breweries in Japan, I gained a deep appreciation for the craftsmen's dedication to creating such a quality product.
Though strong on its own, sake works wonderfully as a complement to many dishes. To me, sake's biggest appeal its ability to harmonize so well when being paired with different foods.
I love sake so much, that I studied it as an art and received certification as a sake sommelier. I will continue to spread the love of sake until it reaches the worldwide popularity of wine.

Yoshifumi FUJIWARA
Store Manager / Sake Sommelier

I've been told that I am very "earnest" and passionate when it comes to what I love. But other than talking about sake, what gives me the greatest joy is spending time with my children and watching baseball. I'm happiest when I am drinking sake and watching my favorite baseball team, the Softbank Hawks, with my children.

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